Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Neil Mach — Creativity & Fantology Advisor

Neil Mach is an industrious author and efficient podcaster.

A respected commentator on superstition and fantasy literature, he blogs about folk legends, superstition, insight, and how real-world issues overlap into narratives set within imaginary universes.

Neil is the creator of the fantasy author’s guidebook “So You Want to Write Fantasy?” and host of the Myth & Magic show. As a fantology advisor he seeks to unite philosophical thought with artistic vision as he discusses alternative worlds and fantasy subjects. He specializes in notions of belief-building, the curse of exoticism, creating monsters, the value of sacrifice, paracosms, and the weirdness of liminality. He concentrates most attention on the point where fantasy begins and reality ends.

Neil takes a practical approach to the discipline of fantasy world formation and clarifies how and where our visions & daydreams develop and why they’re essential for our well-being, wholeness and happiness.

As a creativity advisor, Neil supports other artists by offering advice, examples, and exercises that help boost creative imagination and harness originative potential.

The English novelist continues to gain widespread recognition for writing strong female characters and for his compelling stories that revolve around the themes of loyalty and duty. Neil has competed in the National Novel Writing Month several times over.

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