Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Brick Tamland artwork Neil Mach

You don’t simply write with pencil & paper, you also write with heart, with determination, with conscience and with expectation… but do you know yourself well enough to answer 8 simple questions?

What is Whitsun?

Here in England, this weekend, we are celebrating Whitsun with fairs, fun-runs and festivities. If you live in a country that has a Christian tradition, you will have perhaps seen reference to “Pentecost” and, on rare occasions, to “Whit Sunday.” But what is Whitsun? What is Pentecost? From an ecclesiastical i.e. “churchy” point of view, …

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Do you like novel sorcery? Do you like new-fangled wizardry? Are you a creative fantasy fiction author? If you enjoy playing with magic and conceptualizing & planning your own magical systems, and you love to give new powers and special abilities to your fictional characters, you’ll want to be part of my nifty list (below) …

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Therianthropy is the shifting of: theríon = wild beast into anthrōpos i.e human For many fantasy fiction authors, therianthropy means raging werewolves, murderous human/beast hybrids (similar to Mr Hyde as shown above) or magical shape-shifting creatures, malformed humanoids, or transformations from frog into prince. But the voluntary change from human to beast has been an …

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What is the fluxus?

There’s nothing bonkers or avante-garde, or revolutionary about the fluxus… it’s just about blurring boundaries between art forms…

Ghost In The Mirror

Mirrors are portals to other dimensions … let’s start with that thought before studying liminality, pareidolia, and the art of scrying —

Is magic impossible? How can an author make magic more believable?

Why do some readers hate magic so much? What can we do, as fantasy authors, to offset or reduce these reader aversions?

What may appear to be a puzzling supernatural experience or manifestation to a witness may have a completely scientific explanation. Here are five rational explanations for “paranormal” encounters and how to deal with them…

Sooner or later you will get to the point where you have to write a purpose-filled death for one of your main characters… but how will you write the death without shtick and cliché?