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Author – Fantasy Realism

Dark Arches

Great new urban fantasy titles out October 2020 —

Platoon Sergeant

If you’re over forty, you may not get this…

Celestial Skyfish — mysterious flying rods Are spooky flying rods captured on film some kind of temporal or transcendental celestial skyfish? Or are they an alien life form? Or an undiscovered species? Is there a more prosaic explanation? Flying rods are elongated visual artifacts that materialize in night-time photographic images and especially in video recordings. …

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How to awaken a gypsy nature

Life is about becoming the best spiritual being you can be…

ABC large

Bizarre big cat encounters of the third kind —


Four courageous Romani paragons —

Myth & Magic Wildflowers Podcast

Herbarium of Magical Wildflowers discussed in the weekly Myth and Magic Podcast Anemone — Episode 28 Belladona — Episode 05 Betony — Episode 26 Blackberry — Episode 08 Bluebell — Episode 29 Bulrush — Episode 09 Chili Pepper — Episode 02 Daffodil — Episode 25 Fat Hen — Episode 04 Henbane — Episode 33 Hops …

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Folklore and fantasy themes aimed at creative writers: to start writing stories and challenge your brain with exciting ideas, dip into this kit-bag. Learn how fantasy worlds draw on real world history, mythology, and folklore. And there’s weekly news from the world of fantasy fiction too, plus fabulous creatures, studies on folk tales, nature fables …

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