Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

The Hidden Fortress Akira Kurosawa artwork @neilmach

On Episode 94 (11th August 2021) my guest on Myth & Magic the Fantasy Author’s Podcast is a bona fide film director… “Fantasy movies, horror movies, and sci-fi movies (genre movies) are at the forefront of giving us dreams we never had before…” Ali Kamseh Generation Z film director ALI KHAMSEH is a self-confessed movie …

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Nike, Goddess of Victory by violscraper on DeviantArt

The 2020 Olympic medal designed by Junichi Kawanishi reflects the concept that, to win glory, athletes must fight for daily victory. But who is the angel on the reverse?

Wishing Trees

Wishing is fun. It gives us a sense of calm. Wishes are used in fantasy fiction, myth and fable to “make things happen” that, of course, would never naturally happen without external influence… but what are the rules around wishing? And can wishes be bad for you?

Bibi Berki artwork neilmach

What is the difference between an audio book, a podcast, and an audio drama? I chat with Bibi, who is able to make the differences easy to understand… English writer BIBI BERKI is one half of a creative association called “Tempest Productions” which she co-founded with actor Mark Lingwood to make original audio dramas and …

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human chauvinism

We are, almost indisputably, one of the weakest, dumbest, laziest, and dirtiest creatures on this planet and it is only our boastful & delusional pretensions that keep us soldiering on, through thick and thin, kicking & bludgeoning our way across existence, causing blood and destruction as we go…

Fantasy involves play, imagination, & invention. If your written work isn’t playful, imaginative, and inventive, it (still) might be fiction, but trust me, it won’t be fantasy! Here are lots of tips…

The Flow State

If you’ve ever wondered why some people are “so dedicated” to their art, and how they can write “four books a year” and how they focus on a wide range of projects “better” than you ever could, it’s probably because they are flowsters and they enjoy being in the flow state…


As I walked home from early morning shopping today I came across one. A large and dangerous silverback. The silverback walked along the side of the road, yelling and shouting obscenities at passing cars and the occasional pedestrian who mistakenly approached him. Nothing he yelled made sense, but all his screams were excessively loud and …

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