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Author – Fantasy Realism


What is the hierarchy of a novel and why is it necessary to get it properly organized before typing?

interview with Etherea magazine

An engaging Myth & Magic interview with the editor of the latest Australian speculative fiction magazine — Etherea, for science fiction and fantasy fans!

upside down fantasy neilmach

If you are presently preparing a fantasy adventure for this year’s NaNoWriMo novel writing challenge, could I encourage you to consider shifting the fashionable tropes of fantasy and flipping those worn out old stereotypes? For instance, why do wizards have to be enlightened old men? Why wise, why old, and most important, why male?  Why …

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1: Creativity is commonplace and easy Prehistoric humans simply sought to survive. Just existing used-up all of their time and effort. They weren’t squatting in dark caves scribbling on the walls or building monoliths all the time! Oh no, mostly they were hunting, fishing, gathering, stalking, etc. you get the idea. When they applied their …

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spooky forest artwork neilmach

I’m thrilled to chat with Dr Kristy Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal. Kristy is a qualified paranormal investigator.

a rapidly rotating neutron star artwork: neilmach

Like the brightest stars in the galaxy, these iconic women still glow…

Smiley artwork neilmach

A synopsis is: A summary of your book, all the gumbo Composed using objective and not very dynamic language The order of events as they occur within the structure of your book, regardless of narratives and / or chronologies A product with a maximum of 500 words Not an advertisement, a sales description or a …

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I like to be an “early adopter” of undeveloped technology and one adventure into a clumsily performed service led me into an altogether peculiar, profound, and yet productive creative direction. I was one of the first guys to ‘sign up’ for online grocery delivery here in England (they reckon about ¾ of UK customers now …

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Hero means “protector” or “defender” so the first thing to establish (in your mind) is what your heroic character will be required to protect or defend in your story. Without this approach, your champion protagonist has no role in the narrative! So deal with this first: Who or what needs to be defended? (deserves preserving, …

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autumn equinox

This a moment of balance… where darkness has yet to replace light… and cold has yet to replace warmth…