Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Windflowers 1903 John William Waterhouse

When I was a young kid, growing up in poor, post-war South London on the edges of the County of Surrey, each April we rehearsed MAY POLE DANCING. (If you wish, you can read all about my 1950s exploits in South London in the novel “The Sisterationship: A Charlatan’s Story” — a suburban folk-tale about …

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Ghost In The Mirror

Mirrors are portals to other dimensions … let’s start with that thought before studying liminality, pareidolia, and the art of scrying —


Before this global emergency I regularly attended author’s conferences, seminars and workshops aimed at creative writers and author-entrepreneurs. These events were great places to mingle with like-minded people, to learn “tricks of the trade” and to get oneself rejuvenated and revitalized. I always returned home “from conference” feeling recommitted, re-engaged and reawakened.  At many of …

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Poppins Paradox

Apropos something else entirely my wife yesterday suddenly exclaimed: “I didn’t think Mary Poppins was a fantasy adventure…” I looked at her and grinned, then I made a sarcastic observation along the lines of: “No, I reckon it was a documentary film…”  but I later added, “What do you think the story of Mary Poppins …

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How to give a great #podcast interview. How to guest on a podcast. How to reach new readers on a podcast. #amwriting

Some dislike the flowery prose of fantasy…

Celestial Skyfish — mysterious flying rods Are spooky flying rods captured on film some kind of temporal or transcendental celestial skyfish? Or are they an alien life form? Or an undiscovered species? Is there a more prosaic explanation? Flying rods are elongated visual artifacts that materialize in night-time photographic images and especially in video recordings. …

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