Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

What is Whitsun?

Here in England, this weekend, we are celebrating Whitsun with fairs, fun-runs and festivities. If you live in a country that has a Christian tradition, you will have perhaps seen reference to “Pentecost” and, on rare occasions, to “Whit Sunday.” But what is Whitsun? What is Pentecost? From an ecclesiastical i.e. “churchy” point of view, …

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procession of elves by gwillieth

How do Elves — the veiled ones — contribute to our understanding of belief in hidden things?

What is the fluxus?

There’s nothing bonkers or avante-garde, or revolutionary about the fluxus… it’s just about blurring boundaries between art forms…

Ghost In The Mirror

Mirrors are portals to other dimensions … let’s start with that thought before studying liminality, pareidolia, and the art of scrying —

How to authenticate a genuine astral encounter

Here are 14 interrogative questions you can use to ascertain whether a witness experienced a genuine astral encounter (i.e. they actually “saw” a ghost) —

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