Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

magical English landscape artwork Neil Mach

From the tales of Owain Glyndŵr, to King Arthur and his knights, this landscape has nourished creative minds across many centuries,..

Wishing Trees

Wishing is fun. It gives us a sense of calm. Wishes are used in fantasy fiction, myth and fable to “make things happen” that, of course, would never naturally happen without external influence… but what are the rules around wishing? And can wishes be bad for you?

Neptune Mosaic

The “sea god” Neptune appeared off the British coast of East Sussex during a marine storm, in July 2021 —

Rha Arayal

Rha discusses poetry and how it can be a therapeutic exercise, she also offers expert guidance on how to write about “intangible concepts” and talks about compulsive writing…

Fantasy author Amanda Fleet

What is adult contemporary fantasy? In this highly entertaining interview with Amanda Fleet, author of the Guardians of The Realm series, we examine the essential ingredients of adult contemporary fantasy. Amanda Fleet is a physiologist by training and teaches science and medicine to undergraduates at St Andrews University in Scotland. While working in the College …

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Fantasy Author Birdy Rivers

Birdy offers helpful advice on world-building and suggests the best ways to modernize a classic fairy tale…

Nature big

A neighbour buttonholed me to speak out about my big tree.  My beloved Scots Pine is unpopular locally because the tree has grown far beyond my best expectations. I suppose I might have guessed it would grow into a giant, as it is also known as the European redwood, which indicates the tree is related …

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What is Whitsun?

Here in England, this weekend, we are celebrating Whitsun with fairs, fun-runs and festivities. If you live in a country that has a Christian tradition, you will have perhaps seen reference to “Pentecost” and, on rare occasions, to “Whit Sunday.” But what is Whitsun? What is Pentecost? From an ecclesiastical i.e. “churchy” point of view, …

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Therianthropy is the shifting of: theríon = wild beast into anthrōpos i.e human For many fantasy fiction authors, therianthropy means raging werewolves, murderous human/beast hybrids (similar to Mr Hyde as shown above) or magical shape-shifting creatures, malformed humanoids, or transformations from frog into prince. But the voluntary change from human to beast has been an …

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Before this global emergency I regularly attended author’s conferences, seminars and workshops aimed at creative writers and author-entrepreneurs. These events were great places to mingle with like-minded people, to learn “tricks of the trade” and to get oneself rejuvenated and revitalized. I always returned home “from conference” feeling recommitted, re-engaged and reawakened.  At many of …

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