Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

magical English landscape artwork Neil Mach

From the tales of Owain Glyndŵr, to King Arthur and his knights, this landscape has nourished creative minds across many centuries,..

The Hidden Fortress Akira Kurosawa artwork @neilmach

On Episode 94 (11th August 2021) my guest on Myth & Magic the Fantasy Author’s Podcast is a bona fide film director… “Fantasy movies, horror movies, and sci-fi movies (genre movies) are at the forefront of giving us dreams we never had before…” Ali Kamseh Generation Z film director ALI KHAMSEH is a self-confessed movie …

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Krista Wallace

Useful tips on audiobook narration + helpful advice on choreographing sword fighting scenes with author Krista Wallace…

Ghost In The Mirror

Mirrors are portals to other dimensions … let’s start with that thought before studying liminality, pareidolia, and the art of scrying —

What may appear to be a puzzling supernatural experience or manifestation to a witness may have a completely scientific explanation. Here are five rational explanations for “paranormal” encounters and how to deal with them…

How to give a great #podcast interview. How to guest on a podcast. How to reach new readers on a podcast. #amwriting

Some dislike the flowery prose of fantasy…

Myth & Magic Wildflowers Podcast

Herbarium of Magical Wildflowers discussed in the weekly Myth and Magic Podcast Anemone — Episode 28 Belladona — Episode 05 Betony — Episode 26 Blackberry — Episode 08 Bluebell — Episode 29 Bulrush — Episode 09 Chili Pepper — Episode 02 Daffodil — Episode 25 Fat Hen — Episode 04 Henbane — Episode 33 Hops …

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