Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Buying Your First Book

Buying a book is often a formidable & bewildering experience — how do you choose the right color, shape, and size? Will it be house-trained? And what about ghosts? Read more here…

Teddies Reading Books

Reading is an authentic experience. It’s not “like” seeing a different world or “pretending” to be a character… it’s about being transported into another world and walking in someone else’s shoes. It is not “virtual reality” — it is substantive reality!

I admit I have been very lucky. Not only did I work in the Inner Temple of London [where the Guardians lurk] as a Junior Clerk to a Barrister-at-Law for a few years, but I also worked in London’s Hyde Park. Believe me when I confirm that it truly felt as if I was ‘travelling …

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