Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Book Covers

Unless you’re a seasoned graphic designer and not only that but also an expert in book-cover design, I recommend, right away, that you don’t even consider designing your own cover. Yes, I know it will be faster & cheaper to do it yourself, but you will pay dearly in the long run. Dearly! The cover …

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What is Whitsun?

Here in England, this weekend, we are celebrating Whitsun with fairs, fun-runs and festivities. If you live in a country that has a Christian tradition, you will have perhaps seen reference to “Pentecost” and, on rare occasions, to “Whit Sunday.” But what is Whitsun? What is Pentecost? From an ecclesiastical i.e. “churchy” point of view, …

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mind stretch

A marathon runner doesn’t merely put on her shoes and run 26 miles… a marathon runner takes time to warm up — she does “stretches” and probably scoffs a banana and sips water before she sets out on her endurance event. She checks her laces are tight and that she has all her gear with …

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procession of elves by gwillieth

How do Elves — the veiled ones — contribute to our understanding of belief in hidden things?

Death of Prince Consort

Death dealing is our #1 form of light entertainment We’re not being entertained by the thought of confronting death. Nor are we entertained by the idea of coping with death. Or handling death. Or overcoming death. Not even about caring for those who suffered the consequences of death… no, as a species we care little …

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Do you like novel sorcery? Do you like new-fangled wizardry? Are you a creative fantasy fiction author? If you enjoy playing with magic and conceptualizing & planning your own magical systems, and you love to give new powers and special abilities to your fictional characters, you’ll want to be part of my nifty list (below) …

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Useful alpha list of scientific words for magical abilities

Agathodemoning – asking good spirits to do our magical bidding Alchemy – changing the fundamental substance of elements (or matter) Angelspeak  – communicating with lesser deities and messengers (angels) Apotropaism & countercharms – defense against demons, ghosts, and evil sorcerers using magic Apportation or bilocation (psychic ability to be in two places or more at …

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Therianthropy is the shifting of: theríon = wild beast into anthrōpos i.e human For many fantasy fiction authors, therianthropy means raging werewolves, murderous human/beast hybrids (similar to Mr Hyde as shown above) or magical shape-shifting creatures, malformed humanoids, or transformations from frog into prince. But the voluntary change from human to beast has been an …

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Have you ever seen a swarm? It’s a simple question and I ask it because some people have never seen one. If you have lived your entire life in the city, it is unlikely that you have witnessed this amazing spring phenomenon. When I was a teenager I lived on the North Downs in England …

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Hall of Mirrors in Royal Palace of Versailles

Do you exist inside a gazebo of mirrors? Are you trapped inside a hall of opinion? Do you know the way out? Socially, when you have surrounded yourself with reflective images of your own views, judgments & opinions, it is sometimes difficult to find your way clear… here are some useful strategies you can use to get yourself clear of public opinion….