Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Discovery in Creativity

Nine ways to become a proactive & adventurous writer…

Seventies Girls, London

Can an English hippie stop progress? Or will American business interests triumph? This is the story, compiled from historical fragments, about a public spat that most Seventies teens have now forgotten…

Mobius Strip

Reality is not a thing but a process. Reality is a transition infinite process. Reality is a Möbius strip that goes around-and-around and on-and-on forever. Reality is eternally looping on itself, as if seeking some kind of endpoint: though it never properly arrives. As you roll out the words of your novel, some words come …

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12,000 BC

New archaeology published last month about the Turkish site of Göbekli Tepe suggests the stone circles found there are not only older than the monument of Arthur’s Stone, but pre-date all similar stone monuments… that means they are among the oldest man-made stone structures on earth!

Free association

Get to know your para-other and interrupt the ho-hum, everyday, train of thought… here are three ways you can be more creative —

magical English landscape artwork Neil Mach

From the tales of Owain Glyndŵr, to King Arthur and his knights, this landscape has nourished creative minds across many centuries,..

monkey play artwork Neil Mach

Homogenization of free-spirit deprives our species of creative thinking. Play is a vital learning mechanism. Have you played enough today?

brain connections

If you light up all those itsy-bitsy interconnections within your skull you will conjure some fresh ideas & brilliant creative inventions…

Corn Dolls

Corn dolls or sometimes “corn mothers” are miraculous forms of straw fashioned from the last sheaf of cereals after a summer harvest. Therefore, these straw dolls are a noteworthy & supernatural part of the harvest customs of pastoral Europe. Some pagan cultures called these mothers “vetulas” (the Latin for “Old Woman” is vetula) though, in …

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Brick Tamland artwork Neil Mach

You don’t simply write with pencil & paper, you also write with heart, with determination, with conscience and with expectation… but do you know yourself well enough to answer 8 simple questions?