Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Why do some readers hate magic so much? What can we do, as fantasy authors, to offset or reduce these reader aversions?

Stop using shabby phraseology… Here are six tips to help you stop making the same mistake as my friend to control the language you once thought was okay…

My word, when I unpacked it, I was blown away. It has the same balance, weight, radiance and irrefutable elegance of a classic Montblanc —

Sooner or later you will get to the point where you have to write a purpose-filled death for one of your main characters… but how will you write the death without shtick and cliché?

If you don’t allow your passion to develop, you will never become the entire self you want to be. You will never attain the complete youness of you. Here are some tips for writing with passion…