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Witch Queen from Sneewittchen, Scholz Künstler-Bilderbücher Public Domain

Myth & Magic — The Fantasy Writers Kitbag

Hi, and welcome to Myth & Magic.

On my PODCAST show I explore folklore and fantasy themes with topics aimed at creative writers

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Start writing fantasy stories and challenge your brain with exciting ideas… dip into this fantasy writer’s kitbag. Learn how fantasy writers draw on real world history, mythology, and folklore. And there’s weekly news from the world of fantasy fiction, plus fabulous creatures, studies on folk tales, nature fables and lots more mythical & magical fun…

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Episode One : 31m:25s
Tolkein’s Black Country, Godiva, Zee, St John’s Wort, Anansi, Confabultion
Episode show notes

Episode Two : 25m:05s
The Wrekin, The Horned God, Toni Morrison (RIP), Swan Maiden, Eaton – the “real” Hogwarts
Episode 2 show notes

Episode Three : 23m:15s
Achelous, Thames, Lammastide, Chronos, Grianan of Aileach, Dagda, VERÐIR, Naiads, Bildungsroman
Episode 3 show notes

Episode Four : 26m:15s
Oakley Court, fantasy -v- sci-fi, ancient stone circles, aliens -v- faeries, griffin, fat hen
Episode 4 show notes

Episode Five : 25m:15s
Four darkly magical castles, indigo children, Cerne Abbas Giant, Belladonna, Cockatrice

Episode Six : 20m:5s
Chateau Brametourte, apotropaic marks, the Rapunzel myth, Michael Swanwick, Sunflower
Episode 6 show notes

Episode Seven : 31m:25s
Exmoor, Pixie Mythology, Withypool, phantom cats and mystery cats, Morning Glory

Episode Eight : 30m:25s
Prepping for NaNoWriMo, Markstein’s criteria, A Hero’s Journey, Celts, Blackberry

Episode Nine : 32m:25s
Building toponymy, YA Fantasy therianthropy, skinwalkers, Selkies/Finfolk, Bulrush

Episode Ten : 20m:25s
Origin of vampires, Whitby, Asgard Fall, Piratical Bristol, conkers

Episode Eleven : 24m:25s
Gothic keywords, what it is to be Bohemian, Bogles & Boggarts, hops

Episode Twelve : 30m:25s
Life of author Roald Dahl, historical differences between Duchy, County and old Shire

Episode Thrirteen :25m:20s
The liminal period, the origin of Jack o’ Lantern, Yalis, Neeps

Episode Fourteen :28m:05s
The definition of a wizard. Are all wizards connected? The Staffordshire Hoard, Dragon Gold

Episode Fifteen : 26m:25s
Warlocks, Daemonologie, Britannia’s Roman roads, Chekhov’s Gun, the Wake Robin

Episode Sixteen : 25m:25s
Are The Enchantress, Coventina, Vagdavercustis, Ceridwen, Viviane / Nimue & Saint Brigid of Kildare

Episode Seventeen : 39m:15s
Yulefather, Origins of Santa Claus, Sinterklaas, Saint Nicholas of Myra, Yule Goat, Krampus, mistletoe

Episode Eighteen : 22m:25s
Hogmanay, Enki, the origins of January, part one of joint fantasy fiction project; the big idea

Episode Nineteen : 19m:25s
Seven fantasy plots for your next fiction project, Begin study into classical Rome: who was there before Romans?

Episode Twenty : 46m:0s
Apple Wassail, The Apple Man, Twelfth Night, create a 3D character for your novel, the Pantheon of the Roman Gods

Episode Twenty One : 40m:0s
The land of the Canti, Reculver Castle, the different types of P.O.V. , the expansion of the Roman State

Episode Twenty Two: 36m:09s
Daphne du Maurier, Jamaica Inn, how the Romans absorbed the Greek civilization and became “greek” themselves

Episode Twenty Three: 29m:12s
Isle of Thanet, What is Shrove Tuesday? Was Dickens the world’s first authorpreneur?

Episode Twenty Four: 37m:16s
Conjure bewonderment, definition of magical, Dickens is good for mental health, Roman invasion of Britannia
Episode show notes

Episode Twenty Five: 24m:06s
The definition of magic, ceremonial magic -v- sympathetic magic, the the daffodil
Episode show notes

Episode Twenty Six: 32m:00s
Swords & swordplay, talismans, St Patrick, Lorelei, Betony, House of Earth & Blood, Sarah J. Maas
Episode show notes

Episode Twenty Seven: 35m:20s
Using Sorcery in your fantasy fiction, the imagery of feathers, Vampire Bats, existential crises, the primrose
Episode show notes

Episode Twenty Eight : 30m:20s
Using wonder in your fantasy fiction, create a credible magic system for your project, anemone
Episode show notes

Episode Twenty Nine : 27m:20s
What is epic? Anchorites and anchorholds, creating chimaeras, bluebell
Episode show notes

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