Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Mobius Strip

Reality is not a thing but a process. Reality is a transition infinite process. Reality is a Möbius strip that goes around-and-around and on-and-on forever. Reality is eternally looping on itself, as if seeking some kind of endpoint: though it never properly arrives. As you roll out the words of your novel, some words come …

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12,000 BC

New archaeology published last month about the Turkish site of Göbekli Tepe suggests the stone circles found there are not only older than the monument of Arthur’s Stone, but pre-date all similar stone monuments… that means they are among the oldest man-made stone structures on earth!

Free association

Get to know your para-other and interrupt the ho-hum, everyday, train of thought… here are three ways you can be more creative —

magical English landscape artwork Neil Mach

From the tales of Owain Glyndŵr, to King Arthur and his knights, this landscape has nourished creative minds across many centuries,..

monkey play artwork Neil Mach

Homogenization of free-spirit deprives our species of creative thinking. Play is a vital learning mechanism. Have you played enough today?

The Hidden Fortress Akira Kurosawa artwork @neilmach

On Episode 94 (11th August 2021) my guest on Myth & Magic the Fantasy Author’s Podcast is a bona fide film director… “Fantasy movies, horror movies, and sci-fi movies (genre movies) are at the forefront of giving us dreams we never had before…” Ali Kamseh Generation Z film director ALI KHAMSEH is a self-confessed movie …

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Nike, Goddess of Victory by violscraper on DeviantArt

The 2020 Olympic medal designed by Junichi Kawanishi reflects the concept that, to win glory, athletes must fight for daily victory. But who is the angel on the reverse?

miles tritle nm

On Episode 93 of the Myth & Magic Show (which aired on August 4, 2021) I discuss the next generation of horror with author, podcast producer, and communications specialist: MilesTritle. We also discuss what makes a story terrifying and examine the essential ingredients of horror. Miles, a busy dad and husband, tells his short scary …

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Wishing Trees

Wishing is fun. It gives us a sense of calm. Wishes are used in fantasy fiction, myth and fable to “make things happen” that, of course, would never naturally happen without external influence… but what are the rules around wishing? And can wishes be bad for you?