PERDISIAN Study of the Minds

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Perdisian’s new mini album “Mind’s Of The Weak” is out now.

Formed in 2012 and taking influence from The Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex, Whitechapel and Sylosis – Perdisian come from Yeovil, Somerset (UK) with their brutal screams, catchy riffs and face-melting solos.

Glasstone Records has now released their new EP entitled ‘Mind’s Of The Weak’ ( produced by Jonny RenshawDevil Sold His Soul) on the 26th May 2014.

Perdisian shortOur very own Scriba Pontificus had a listen to the title track:

After an abundantly acidic burn-stone guitar intro – the beat rapidly paces towards you.

It thoroughly satisfies that long-spiral, ashen vocal that weaves and corrupts the melody.

Naturally abundant, the chugging riffs create a surface-tension between chronic, blackened voices and noble guitars. It’s a perfect hell of symmetry.

And, as the pyrotechnic drum-work rises into great salt domes of power, they do so alongside the virtuoso guitar.

Each instrument becomes voluble and rises – like huge rings of fire.

This is irrational. Yet, incredible.

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Amaranthe Burn With Me

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If you have been privately longing for lanky limbs, joy riding women, strong cheek bones and choppy haircuts in your life (and / or feather-hair, power suits, and sharp-looking metro-sexual attitudes) – then you are probably missing the splendor and unrestrained brilliance of those incessant late eighties / early nineties power ballads.


Amaranthe are the new Roxette

Those lusty Swedish broadsiders Roxette might not be making’ em any more (the pop/rock duo was named after Dr. Feelgood’s 1974 debut single… if only you can believe that) .. but if you’re still hungry for some power and emotion – you could try the new video Amaranthe.

Amaranthe (formerly known as Avalanche) are another one of those Scandinavian (Sweden / Denmark) bands who calls themselves “melodic metal”. But, with Amaranthe you get clean male/female vocal duets and a brilliant pop-finesse that has more in common with Abba than it does with Nightwish. Maybe they should be filed under “Radio Friendly Power Ballad”.

Check out the video to see for yourself.