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Moondog and the Reed Leopard

The man told her that he saw a huge cat-like beast with large padded feet and a long ginger tail. He said the hellcat prowled twenty feet from his hiding place, so he waited — like a pilgrim on his knees — in prayerful stillness.  He forgot all about his discomfort as the fabulous fiery animal skulked across the vista to bathe in a mysterious golden light. The man felt convinced the creature was a harbinger of some terrible future event.Extract from Moondog and the Reed Leopard

Reed Leopard

The Reed Leopard

A bored teenager seeks help from Moondog.

Moondog is a Romani detective. He is called when other investigators hesitate. He inquires into things that lay beyond normal human experience, and where things hang in the balance between mundane and miraculous. Moondog does not work well with others… But now he must join Hopie, because the citizens of Hugh-Lupus are tormented by a miscellany of evil.

Hopie admitted she got a kick from all the secret skullduggery and maneuvering involved… she felt thrilled to be permitted to join Moondog’s clandestine world — a world of double-bamboozling and slippery-slick chicanery.  On the other hand, she knew it wasn’t likely that she’d meet his expectations…Extract from Moondog and the Reed Leopard

The new low-fantasy / urban-fantasy full-length novel from Neil Mach is out now. Print Length: 435 pages File Size: 665 KB  

She’d experienced an indefinable moment. It had truly been one of the most electrifying happenings of her life. She knew she’d appreciate it forever, appreciate him forever…
Extract from Moondog and the Reed Leopard

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Moondog and the Reed Leopard by Neil Mach

Moondog and the Reed Leopard by Neil Mach

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The Sisterationship — A Charlatan’s Story

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Sisterationship by Neil Mach

Sisterationship by Neil Mach

The Sisterationship

You can never underestimate the dreariness of living in a suburb — but is it possible to find charm & enchantment in a world of such monotonous melancholy?

Not long after World War II, a pastor is appointed to a suburban housing estate populated by tired housewives

He decides to expose a local woman who purports to be a plain-clothes Nun

Sister Silvia provides a valuable ministry to the women on the estate yet the cleric is determined to overthrow her…

Is it really necessary to persecute this woman? What is her story? And, in any case, who is the actual charlatan ?

Out now as eBook. Click HERE. Text to Speech enabled

Want to become one of Neil’s machcrazy ARC-ANGELS?
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Into Disrepte

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Bertie Lunn — My NaNoWriMo2016 novel

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Just got to an interesting part in my #NaNoWriMo2016 novel.

Bertie has visited three modern witches The Weird Sisters to ask them to conjure her up a man…

“I need a man.” Bertie told the Weird Sisters.


If you’re watching my word count — I’m a little behind — but past the half-way mark!


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#Toil #NaNoWriMo2016 #neilmach

#Toil #NaNoWriMo2016 #neilmach

I am busy toiling on my entry for this years National Novel Writing Month —

To succeed I must write 50,000 words in 30 days!

This year’s story is about a modern day witch. She uses forensic trickery to control and manipulate her sex-victims. Alberta Lunn’s trifling in this scientifc hoodoo leads to disastrous consequences when she unwittingly ensnares a dangerous serial-killer. Her only hope is to enlist an erstwhile conquest, a state-level detective.

But he’s a grudging and disinclined ally and time is running out…

So far I have written 11720 good words… So I am at least 3000 terrific words behind schedule!

Extracted from the Upcoming Novel — Postcard Angel

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Quote from Postcard Angel @neilmach 2016 ©

Quote from Postcard Angel @neilmach 2016 ©

After Toby Laidlaw had made his little speech, Aingeal was approached by two peppery jokers in their mid-fifties — both proud owners of amber mustaches that had been curled into handlebars.

They smelled of old brandy and cigars.

“What ho!” Said the least odious. “You’re a pretty lass. Are you one of those naughty post-card girls?”
“Or are you here as someone’s spunky niece?” Said the other.
Peachy whatever she is. Nice nip-nips too. Don’t you think?”
Aingeal felt a chubby hand grope around behind. Strange fingers made a play for the seams on her bloomers.
“I am Blanche Saint-Saëns.” She said, presenting herself as assertively as she could. “I am a postcard model at the studio of Monsieur Spyros Argyris.”
“Tight as a nun’s purse.” Said the duffer, ignoring the introduction.
He withdrew his fingers from her behind and smelt across the tips.
“Fresh as a lily too.” The other chuckled loudly.

“Do you like to get your mams out for the solider-boys?”
“Got fidgety knees this one…” Said the other “I bet she screams like a tiger-kitten and writhes like a rattlesnake when she’s on the blanket.”
Aingeal felt another fat palm invade the roundness of her buttock.
Then the hand gave a hearty slap.
“What a girl. She makes a man feel glad to be alive.”

Staff-Sergeant Hawthorn arrived in the nick-of-time.
“I wonder if you two gentlemen do not mind if I cut myself in. But there is someone here that Miss Blanche has to meet. I’m anxious to bring her to him.”
The brutes backed off, outflanked and outfoxed by the girl’s dreary watchdog. The Staff-Sergeant led the girl away with a protective arm around her shoulders.

The old boys watched the girl’s provocative swing as she tip-toed away.
She thought she heard one say, “I would give oodles to spend the night with that.”

Soho Square London — October 14th

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I have been out-and-about in Soho Square London today to research the novel I am writing about the Saucy Postcard Girls of 1917. Here are some images I picked up


Kindle Edition Amazon Giveaway — Into Disrepute Kindle Edition

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See this #AmazonGiveaway for a chance to win: Into Disrepute: The Inventive Comic Opera of 1970’s Policing (Kindle Edition). NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends the earlier of Oct 14, 2016 11:59 PM PDT, or when all prizes are claimed. See Official Rules