Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

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English music journalist and novelist Neil Mach was raised in the county of Surrey.

Born the same year that the Cavern club opened in Liverpool, the same year Sid Vicious was born, and the same year that Tommy Steele began Singing the Blues, it’s true, he’s a through-and-through rock ‘n’ roll baby.

Rock music and his suburban upbringing has influenced much of his writing.

Raised in a family of sisters, and with neighbors down the road that included a ‘plain clothes’ nun, her sister and the girl they brought-up as their own daughter (read his novel The Sisterationship a tale from the suburbs, 1955) — it’s clear that sisterationships impacted much of his life! He now has two daughters of his own, plus a grand-daughter too!  It’s no surprise that Neil excels at writing strong & empowering female characters.

Neil Mach Mid 1960s
Christmas in the ’60s with middle sister

His novels generally revolve around the themes of loyalty and duty.

He is a regular contestant on the annual internet-based creative writing project NaNoWriMo and also competes in the 85k90 90-day writing marathon. He has written several books, with 12 published titles, and a trilogy of urban fantasy novels in production. He has been a longtime fan of fantasy fiction and is a well-known fantology commentator. He hosts a weekly podcast, titled: Myth and Magic

As a music journalist, Neil writes for several well-known print magazines and is editor-in-chief of the much respected music blog RAW RAMP

His hobbies are gardening, walking and cooking.

Contact Neil here:

With cast of Free As Air 1972
With cast of Free As Air 1972 – front row, in white sweater (real hair!)

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