Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Reculver Tower

Hi listeners, readers and authors!

I’m overjoyed to be celebrating 100 episodes of Myth & Magic and I thank each and every one of nearly 6,000 listeners who have tuned-in!

We reach Episode 100 on Wednesday 22 September… hip-hip hooray! Don’t forget, the show goes out every Wednesday.

As part of this week’s centennial festivities I wanted to share with you the TOP TEN most popular shows:

1:Myth & Magic Episode 75 – Interview with author Krista Wallace

2:Myth & Magic Episode 90 – Interview with writer Rha Arayal

3:Myth & Magic Episode 21 – The Land of Canti, Reculver Tower (main picture) and P.O.V. in fantasy fiction

4:Myth & Magic Episode 17 – Yulefather, Sinterklaas, Zwarte Piet, Krampus, Christkindl. Also, psychopomps

5:Myth & Magic Episode 35 – What is animism? Spirits within inanimate objects

6:Myth & Magic Episode 26 – Swords & swordplay. How to use a talisman in your story. Plus, the real St Patrick

7:Myth & Magic Episode 67 – Be like Bosch- create insane monsters out of your dreams. Plus, the curse of exoticism

8:Myth & Magic Episode 52 – Leptis Magna and Rathlin Island

9:Myth & Magic Episode 48 – The Fir Bolg, Fomorions and my report on celestial skyfish

10:Myth & Magic Episode 41 – What is a witch? How to identify the different types of witch

As you can see we have explored a lot of myth & magic topics together, and I’m sure we are gonna be covering a whole lot more in the future!

Thanks for choosing the Myth & Magic podcast and don’t forget it’s for fantasy fiction fans everywhere and especially created for fantasy creatives and fantasy authors!

Wishing you lots of love and lots of success in your fantasy projects!


Neil Mach, host of the Myth & Magic podcast

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Myth & Magic Episode 106 Myth and Magic

An interview with the New Mexico based fantasy author Cassie Sanchez. Cassie chats about writing love-scenes, creating tension and researching magic for her new novel, Chasing the Darkness, which features the angel of death.
  1. Myth & Magic Episode 106
  2. Myth & Magic Episode 105
  3. Myth & Magic Episode 104
  4. Myth & Magic Episode 103
  5. Episode 102

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