Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Do you remember Amazin’ Raisin bars, Old English Spangles, bubble-gum tattoos, chiclets, sherbert pips, and Tooty Frooties?

Welcome to 1972 and Teen Hoops magazine, price 4p.

If your manager interfered in your daily activities, what would you have done?

Can an English hippie stop progress? Or will American business interests triumph? This is the story, compiled from historical fragments, about a public spat that most Seventies teens have now forgotten…

Agony Aunt in court

When the Teen Hoops administrative arm appointed an American heiress to a position of influence, she began supervising Phyliss Fannock, a longtime teen magazine columnist, who shared progressive views on her popular pages. The aspiring American manager threatened to challenge the editorial freedoms of the Fleet Street writer, who had championed counter-cultural ideas since Woodstock.

Old English Spangles

If your manager interfered in your daily activities, what would you have done, back in those bell-bottom days? Would you have allowed her to erode trusts and risk your ambitions? Or would you have stood up and fought?

Phyliss determined to fight. Soon, the drama between the two prima donnas unfolded in front of a large transatlantic audience, because Phyliss reported the ups and downs on her weekly pages!

Top of the Pops

Perhaps, deep in her heart, the spirited English commentator knew her “Summer of Love” was over and the new boss, Miss Vanderpamp, represented an unstoppable force that would transition into a blunt capitalist future.

But was Phyliss in danger of being overwhelmed by moral inconsistencies when she launched her counterattack? Would she do whatever it took to defeat the rapacious Miss Vanderpamp? Might she collapse under pressure? And, what was her big secret? Did Phyliss have a weapon of last resort at her disposal? And if she faced ruin, would Phyliss dare use her ultimate weapon?

Hot Pants and Go-Go Boots

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