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On Episode 93 of the Myth & Magic Show (which aired on August 4, 2021) I discuss the next generation of horror with author, podcast producer, and communications specialist: MilesTritle.

We also discuss what makes a story terrifying and examine the essential ingredients of horror.

Miles, a busy dad and husband, tells his short scary stories each week on his popular podcast The Warning Woods.

From folklore and legends to ghosts & demons, his weekly show has all kinds of horror tales for fans of short scares!

Warning Woods podcast

In my interview with Miles, we talked about the use of ancient legends in storytelling and he shared tips on how to elicit an emotional, psychological, and / or physical response from your audience.

If you are considering adding chills and suspense to your fiction, you won’t want to miss this show!

Check out this inspiring and informative author interview now!

The Myth & Magic interview with author & podcast producer Miles Tritle aired August 04, 2021 (Episode 93). Available on all podcast services.


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