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Author – Fantasy Realism

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What is the difference between an audio book, a podcast, and an audio drama? I chat with Bibi, who is able to make the differences easy to understand…

English writer BIBI BERKI is one half of a creative association called “Tempest Productions” which she co-founded with actor Mark Lingwood to make original audio dramas and podcasts.

After university, she trained as a news reporter and worked for regional and national newspapers, and as a producer at the BBC. Bibi self-publishes fiction under her own name and as H.A. Ferdinand.

Tempest Productions‘ vision is to tell great stories and produce high-quality content in a variety of genres and formats. All their narrative is original.

Mrs Tempest's Marriage Bureau

The production company is driven by a collaborative approach to creating podcast dramas and documentaries, short films and showreels. A central part of their work is developing original ideas into unique scripts for television, film and audio productions.

In this interview, Bibi demystifies audio-based storytelling and explains what you, as a fantasy author, can do to prepare your fiction for audio.

The Watch Bibi Berki

She gives valuable tips and advice for those who are thinking of writing for audio and also offers an exciting opportunity to creative listeners… listen to the Myth & Magic interview to find out more!

Bibi’s upcoming novel, “The Watch” (to be released in September via Salt Publishing), is long-listed for the Lucy Cavendish College 2020 Fiction Prize

Check out this inspiring and informative author interview now!

The Myth & Magic interview with author & audio producer Bibi Berki is aired July 21, 2021 (Episode 91). Available on all podcast services.


Myth & Magic Episode 107 Myth and Magic

In the second half of NaNoWriMo we chatted with teen fantasy author Sarah Humpherys about taking the 50k word month-long challenge, and about landing herself an agent & publishing deal at the tender age of sixteen! Sarah also talks about world-building and the craft of authorship. Her new novel, titled Stone Cold, features themes on overcoming loss by making new relationships.
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