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Rha Arayal

My guest on Myth & Magic Episode 90 (July 14, 2021) is the enormously talented “generation Z” poet Rha Arayal.

Rha’s early literary success has given her a unique perspective on the world of writing and publishing. She says that she can help other aspiring poets and writers to improve and expand their work and achieve their goals. If you haven’t heard from a new and emerging author before, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about a young person’s perspective!

Rha, from South Wales, UK, is on the team for a literary magazine called “Juvenilia” whose stated mission is to create a voice for young artists while highlighting global issues. And she’s big on “social media” but nevertheless, she prefers classic literature (like The Mayor of Casterbridge, which she says is a favorite).

Rha Arayal

Rha wrote most of the poems for her new collection “Encapsulated Emotions” when she was just sixteen and in the book (on sale now) you’ll find verses about a magician’s assistant, fairy tales, the melancholy moon, and ink blood. She employs imagery found in natural elements (sea, air, the sun and stars) to build a bond between us, our modern day tribulations and agonies, and the natural rhythms of a world and universe that sublimate us.

In my interview with her, Rha discusses poetry and how it can be a therapeutic exercise, she also offers expert guidance on how to write about “intangible concepts” and talks about compulsive writing and how splurging words in a binge session helps her overcome her demons.

Encapsulated Emotions” by Rha Arayal (and with illustrations by Tirion Lewis) is out now, via ‎ GenZ Publishing

The Myth & Magic interview with poet Rha Arayal is aired July 14, 2021 (Episode 90). Available on all podcast services.


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