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Author Jean Lee

Wisconsin resident Jean Lee, author of the young adult novel series “Fallen Princeborn” is a busy mum, so how does she find time to write? In this interesting interview she describes her writing processes and discusses how to stay energized and supercharged as 21st century creative. She also talks about magical portals!

Fallen Princeborn: Stolen” is a fantastic folkloric journey across borders and into the weirdness of another world: it is a story about overcoming pain, fighting darkness, and conquering monsters within and without. It has a handsome shape-shifting prince who feeds on humans and a girl with music in her soul, courage in her heart, and a sharp, tattooed, fighter’s body covered in scars… While Fallen Princeborn: Chosen continues the story with imaginative world-building, a brilliant cast of characters and lots & lots of action!

Fallen Princeborn Chosen

Jean writes immersively and her stories are rich in sensory imagery. Her novella titled “Night’s Tooth” (Tales of the River Vine Book 1) introduces the reader to a bounty hunter (with a difference) and is inspired by Spaghetti Western’s such as “For a Few Dollars More” and the cult favorite “Highlander.” It may be set in the Wild West (the Mississippi River Valley, in the 1870s) but the story has shapeshifters, magic, and barreling powers that bounce off each other in an unstoppable blaze of extraordinary physical energy and intensity!

To learn more about Jean check out the interview on Myth & Magic Episode 56 (available on all platforms)


Myth & Magic Episode 92 Myth and Magic

What is human-chauvinism? Are you guilty of writing chauvinistic fantasy? Also, entering the state of flow: do you get into the flow when you write (and what if you don't?) Plus, it's summer — but what are dog days?
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