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Author – Fantasy Realism

Fantasy author Amanda Fleet

What is adult contemporary fantasy? In this highly entertaining interview with Amanda Fleet, author of the Guardians of The Realm series, we examine the essential ingredients of adult contemporary fantasy.

Amanda Fleet is a physiologist by training and teaches science and medicine to undergraduates at St Andrews University in Scotland.

While working in the College of Medicine in Malawi, she learned about the plight of street children there and helped to set up a Community Based Organisation that works with homeless Malawian children to support them through education and training – the “Chimwemwe Children’s Centre.”

When she’s not writing, she’ll be found walking and running the hills near where she lives…

Aegyir Rises

Her urban fantasy novel “Aegyir Rises” (Guardians of The Realm book 1) has been described as “intriguing, tense and unputdownable…”

Amanda is also a crime writer (she’s a member of the Crime Writers’ Association) and her 2017 novel “The Call” references child trafficking in Malawi and is an exciting character-driven thriller with gripping action scenes and provocative twists.

To learn more about Amanda Fleet and her approach to novel writing, plus her tips about writing fantasy titles for adults and her thoughts about the basic components of urban fantasy, tune into Myth & Magic Episode 50 available on all platforms.


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