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Author – Fantasy Realism

Krista Wallace

Useful tips on audiobook narration + helpful advice on choreographing sword fighting scenes with author Krista Wallace.

Krista is a jazz musician, single malt scotch connoisseur and actor/vocalist (from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia) — and more recently she’s a successful author/narrator & storyteller. She does her own voice-work for her books. She’s also become an avid podcaster.

Gatekeeper's Key Krista Wallace
Gatekeeper’s Key Krista Wallace

Her high fantasy Gatekeeper trilogy, featuring the heroic outcast swordfighter Kyer Halidan has been described as a “delicious binge” and “totally fantastic!” on Apple audio books.

To learn more about Krista and her fantasy novels and for helpful tips, hints and suggestions about doing your own audio narrations (and even advice about choreographing sword fights in your fantasy novels) check out Myth & Magic Episode 75 (available on all platforms)


Myth & Magic Episode 92 Myth and Magic

What is human-chauvinism? Are you guilty of writing chauvinistic fantasy? Also, entering the state of flow: do you get into the flow when you write (and what if you don't?) Plus, it's summer — but what are dog days?
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