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Charles Sterling

The expressive & inventive fantasy author CHARLES STERLING talks about lazy fantasies and writing a chapter a day to complete a book in a month on the Myth & Magic podcast. He also suggests offering free tea & biscuits to readers, so they visit a site more often — check the interview now (full details below).

His novel “Paragon Island” is a blockbuster epic adventure with pirates, fancy casinos, tropical cocktails, huge mythical creatures and fast-paced naval battles, and with a dark magic organization at the center of things. An ice sorceress enters this world and becomes the only survivor of a maritime massacre and must hide away to sharpen her skills, with poisonous revenge in her heart.

Charles Sterling

Charles likes to delight and surprise. His earlier book, “The Portal” is about a guy who gets sucked into the movie he’s watching on television. And “The Crestalium” is set in a world of ice where the protagonist Stella Celestine ventures alongside a talking pumpkin and has to dodge the advances of a flirty blanket!

His highly imaginative YA fantasy titles are frequently filled with unique spells, magical violence, and cryptic enigmas. He often gleefully steals tropes from other fantasy novels for his action-packed stories, to subvert and re-purpose them for fun & effect. His books almost always contain fast-paced scenes, chaotic story lines, and very intriguing characters!

For more about Charles and his fantasy novels, check out Myth & Magic Episode 79 (available on all platforms)


Interview with author Mark Bradford Myth and Magic

Mark Bradford is the Wisconsin based author of The Sword and the Sunflower. Mark is also a work-life & work-relationship coach, a podcaster, a public speaker, and a UAV pilot! His recent post-dystopian fiction title explores the aftermath of a catastrophe. It has been described by readers as "complex and interesting…" Find out more about this 'complex and interesting' author here on Myth and Magic!
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