Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Fantasy Author Birdy Rivers

The hugely talented and utterly adorable fantasy fiction author Birdy Rivers lives with two baby dragons (listen to the podcast the find out more!)

In the Myth & Magic author interview (shared below) she gives tips on world creation and how to modernize a fairy story…

Birdy was born in New Jersey though now resides in Georgia with her family. She’s been writing since her teens and professionally writing since her mid twenties. When she isn’t writing she’s raising dragons and spending time with family & friends.

Children of the Empire

Before Birdy became a full time author & editor she worked as a Medical Assistant. She says her writing has served as a therapeutic measure for her depression and anxiety.

Her “Children of the Empire” shares parallels with fantasy adventure shows like Once Upon a Time… with fairy-tale characters such as a reluctant Snow White and a formidable Evil Queen.

Her 2017 “Shatter Me: The Rising” is a magical adventure aimed at a young adult audience with layers of intensity & profoundness not always found in Y.A. fantasy stories.

In the interview Birdy offers helpful advice on world-building and suggests the best ways to modernize a classic fairy tale…

To find out more about Birdy, her dragons, and her writing processes and craft, listen to Myth & Magic Episode 88 (available on all platforms)


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