Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

How to be an independent thinker:

independent thought alarm

* Discover the world by reading books (not by consuming scheduled broadcasting)

* If you must follow the news, browse independent opinion that is posted outside the Big Five consortia

* If you don’t know who the Big Five are, read about them and check their assets

* Learn to be a critical thinker; discover truths by analyzing the information you consume

* If you want to know where the broadcast post/media leanings are, keep in mind who their backers and sponsors might be

* Not sure how independent your preferred publication / media is? Check their corporate assets

— author.neilmach April 2021

Independent Thought is Hard & Liberating

Fancy polishing up your communication skills too? Neil shares tools, tips and advice for voicing & expressing on social media on his Max Expressificity podcast

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