Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Do you like novel sorcery? Do you like new-fangled wizardry?

Are you a creative fantasy fiction author?

If you enjoy playing with magic and conceptualizing & planning your own magical systems, and you love to give new powers and special abilities to your fictional characters, you’ll want to be part of my nifty list (below) of modizardry (i.e. modern wizardry) and brand new pseudoscientific paranormalogicals!

In other words, here’s some crazy new magic conjured-up by me (along with the proper scientific nomenclature)

It’s not a finalized list — I expect to add to it when new ideas occur to me — and I think you can help too…

Here’s a challenge: if you have your own new magic, send it in and I’ll add it to this alpha list.

Submit your idea, with or without scientific nomenclature, and I will add it to this list and I’ll credit you as the inventor. Tweet me @neilmach

Good luck! : )


Agathodemonic Therianthropy – humans that are turned (or can turn themselves) into animal spirits to do the bidding of others

Alchemical Apotropaism — altering or recovering from base metals fundamental substances (elements such as gold or diamond) to counter or protect against demons, ghosts, or evil sorcerers

Bilocating Suffumigation — sending oneself into other dimensions by becoming smoke or flames (an ability to travel as a wisp of smoke)

Postcogniscent Astrality — travelling back in time astrally by leaving one’s mortal body to perceive past events as if one is actually there, visiting as a spirit

Sciomantic Astrality — to leave a mortal body and enter the otherworld as a free spirit with the intention of communicating with the dead in their own plane


Exorcistic Cacodaemoning – working with or controlling bad spirits so they grow within others to do one’s (your) bidding

Psychokinetic Chaldeanics — changing or improving the weather or climate by mental (psychokinetic) means

Faith-Fate Controlling — providing (or taking away) general “luck” i.e. good (bad) fortune by the miraculous laying of hands

Spellcrafting Genethialogy — predicting the future loves of a new born and then providing him/her/it with the necessary spells/charms to protect against, invite or capture that predicted love/romance in the future

Haemonic Entrapment — to magically entrap or enslave a person using herbcraft

marked ones

Runic Harusipication — interpreting omens and signs by deciphering runes

Metamorphic Perceptionism — gaining or using supernormal, otherworldly or magical senses by becoming an entity from one’s own dreamscape and then travelling through time and space as that dream-creature

Predestinic Necromanticism — to improve one’s own opportunities (or, conversely, to debilitate another’s opportunities) inside “death” (the otherworld) by altering one’s “death” fortunes whilst still alive

Psychoscopic Teleportation — moving back and forth in time (temporarily) by inhabiting an almost eternal substance i.e. space rock, star dust, a meteorite, etc.

Psychokinetic Materialization / de-materialization — making things appear or disappear using the power of astral thought (i.e. by psychokinetic creation)

Prophetic jinxing and hexing — employing curses or hexes that launch or activate at a foreordained or pre-postulated time in a victim’s future

Got your own? Don’t forget to send them to me and I’ll add them to the list and credit you! Tweet @neilmach

If you’re not sure whether the magic already exists, check against the alpha list of pre-existing magical abilities HERE

Neil Mach is the author of “So You Want to Write Fantasy?” and host of the Myth & Magic fantasy writer’s podcast

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