Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

A cult is an organization that employs deception, orchestrated by peer pressure — with psychological abuse, and repetitive indoctrination (brainwashing) — to promote a simple ideology that the cult leader is always “right” and deserves the utmost respect and earns unchallengeable authority

How can you assess a cult? Here are fifteen ways to identify a cult leader and a disciple:

What makes a cult a cult?
  • A cult frequently has its own unique proposition that differs widely from what is generally accepted by the larger society
  • A cult generally has an inspirational founder or spiritual leader
  • A cult leader (so the disciples too) often consider themselves above or beyond written law & accepted authority
  • The founder of a cult is normally considered irreproachable: i.e. sanctified
  • The goal of a cult is to increase power and control
  • The credibility (or not) of the teachings and doctrines of the cult cannot be disproven by ‘unbelievers’ (because the views of non-believers are impertinent & irrelevant)
  • Cults originate their own rituals & ceremonies to celebrate the advancement/achievements of disciples
  • A cult will demonize anyone who might be considered “outside” their narrow belief systems
  • Cults practice behavior control: followers must work, speak, or act only on behalf of the group
  • Cults practice information control: followers can only receive information through approved channels
  • Cult leaders practice emotional control: followers will be euphoric one moment, baffled (or even panicky) the next
  • Cults practice mental slavery: cults deprive followers of freedom of mind and freedom of choice
  • Cults offer a sense of belonging, a sense of being chosen, a clear sense of purpose, and a strong, unambiguous leader who offers straightforward direction
  • Followers of a cult feel needed, feel loved, and feel desired by their leader
  • Some cults justify or even allow morally deviant acts, perhaps including mass suicide

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

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