Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Here at Myth & Magic we create a weekly podcast that’s specially developed for fantasy authors and fans of fantasy fiction: we’d love it if you’d join us for a chat!

We welcome writers, artists, poets, bloggers, journalists, illustrators, short story contributors, or any creative person who splashes about in the crazy world of fantasy fiction to join in with the fun. What’s your story?

Come and podcast with us! You’ll enjoy the experience (guaranteed) and you will appreciate the opportunity to introduce yourself and showcase your product in a safe environment on our well-respected, high-quality show.

No matter if you are a newcomer, an enthusiastic amateur, or a best-selling master novelist, we would like to hear your experiences, anecdotes, ideas, and best practices. Our interviewer is a professional journalist and is eager to take your call and have a pleasant conversation. And this will be a great time to talk about your latest project, reveal your new book, or promote your recent activities.

“Neil Mach’s interviewing skills are on par with top TV talk show hosts! It was an astoundingly fun half an hour that lingered with me for the rest of the week…”

Charles Sterling

If this is the first time you have done a a radio-type interview, don’t worry, you are in accomplished and sympathetic hands. Neil is a welcoming and hospitable listener. He will make things very easy for you, so you can deliver an effective message to the listeners.

A list of questions will be sent to you in advance and you will choose a convenient date and time for your conversation, so your podcasting experience will be stress free. It couldn’t be easier!

Here are some tips for giving a good podcast performance:

  • find a quiet place in your home and tell everyone you will need silence for at least 30 minutes (set aside 50 mins)
  • turn off noisy machinery, washing machines, electric fans, air conditioning, telephones, alarms
  • have a bottle or mug of water nearby to wash your mouth regularly and keep hydrated
  • your topic is “you” — a subject you know well — so smile and be unhurried, this is easy-street!
  • you can put oomph and dazzle into a jaded voice by smiling and using hand gestures
  • if you use hand gestures, try not to hit the table (if you thump things, it will be heard)
  • your answers must be expressed in words, uh-huhs or nods can’t be seen on a podcast!
  • if your day is not going well, ask to postpone or delay the interview till a later time… that’s fine!
  • the podcaster will adapt to your needs and solve any concerns, just ask
  • it is normal to be a little nervous, but do not dread the experience, it is purely a chat
  • the Myth & Magic show host will send questions ahead of time, so you can prepare your answers
  • there will not be any sneaky questions, the podcaster will never try to “catch you out”
  • there will be no unpredictable questions either, it’s just a congenial chat
  • sometimes an answer comes out “wonky” so, if you’d like another run at it, just ask
  • bloopers, gaffs and errors can be edited-out; if you think you made one, just say so
  • if the podcaster has not asked a question you are eager to discuss, just tell him
  • the podcaster will ask about your new book, so be prepared to plug away!
  • the listeners will want to know where they can get your book, so be prepared to share your links
  • an interview takes energy, so you will be zapped after it (albeit in high spirits). We advise you to factor in a little rest-time
  • the interview format is light and easy, to help you relaa-aax
  • prepare for an abrupt start, the podcaster will most likely go “right into things”
  • your first question will be a workaday enquiry — how is the weather? What are you doing?
  • We recommend you use Skype or Duo (or another video link) if your interview isn’t over Zoom. This is so you can look the interviewer in the eye and chat happily. Don’t worry, the video image is not shared (only the sound)
  • if you’re new to Zoom or Skyping, don’t worry, the interviewer will be kind and patient
  • Find within yourself answers that might:
    a) expose a little of your inner being
    b) express a creed or philosophy that you appreciate
  • your interview will be produced & engineered (that means, cleaned up) — so mistakes, bloops & smudges will be erased; although your answers will be left intact (unless you asked the interviewer to skip them)
  • If you have questions, misgivings or second thoughts about an answer you gave, contact the podcaster as soon as you can and explain your concerns before the show “goes live”. We will edit any dodgy answers, if you ask
  • we recommend you share your interview with friends, family, followers on all your social networks to maximize your opportunities of being heard

Have a great time! Get involved! Tell your story! Tell friends about Myth & Magic.

SEND YOUR PITCH HERE: or tweet or DM on Facebook or checkout our profile on PodMatch here

Come on! Let’s get this done. Contact us today

Check this recent podcast interview on Myth & Magic with Guardians Of The Realm author Amanda Fleet :

About Neil Mach

The busy English novelist Neil Mach writes stories about strong women, independent loners, individualists, and other outsiders whose feats are triggered by loyalties and whose actions are animated by a sense of duty… he lives in Surrey England, with his wife, by the River Thames. He has two grown-up daughters and hosts the Myth & Magic podcast show for fantasy authors

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