Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Moondog and the Dark Arches by Neil Mach

Janney is a teenage librarian in a peculiar English feudal village. She possesses a remarkable ability: she can fly from her body and hook up with another person. In this state of detachment, she found herself trapped within another young woman who escaped from a pagan ritual, but then jumped off a bridge. Was this woman chased by a monster that had been sent by the evil priestess? Moondog, the preternatural detective, is called out to investigate these evils. Will he discover the truth? What invisible thing lives beneath the church? What is going on in the weird Vale of Amity?

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Also out this October:

Loop Breaker

Loop Breaker

A Beacon and the Darkness (The Loop Breaker Book 1) by Russ Thompson

A tale of ghostly mystery and suspense… with the help of the town psychic Sixteen-year-old Lee Ann aids lost souls, helping them break out of a loop they are caught up when they constantly repeat the last moments of their lives.

Fireforged (Elemental Realm Keepers Book 1) by Ahava Trivedi

Orla Illy moves to Edge Rock Isle, a dreary coastal village in England and on her first day at school she gets drawn to the most arrogant and popular boy in school. But then she discovers that demons have abducted her mum… and they’re out to get her too…

Ruby Morgan
Lady of Avalon Part 1: (Ruby Morgan Book 9) by LJ Rivers

LJ Rivers is a pseudonym for co-writing Norwegian duo Linn and Jørn. The Ruby Morgan series are urban Arthurian fantasy novels that began with “Essence of Magic” and tell of half-fae Ruby Guinevere Morgan who has to keep one step ahead of the harvesters who hunt for her magical blood.

Chainbreaker Risen Shard
The Risen Shard (The Chain Breaker Book 1) by D.K. Holmberg

Trained to kill from a young age, Gavin Lorren finally escaped the life of the assassin to settle down in the city of Yoran, but there’s an ancient race with innate magical talent after him — the fast and deadly El’aras warriors — and it will take all of his talents to survive.

Ravens Abyss

Ravens Abyss

Raven’s Abyss (Trials of Darkhaven Book 3) by Ben Blackwell

The Darkhaven series finale that features Raven, a magical mercenary, figuring her life out, who works as a detective, aided and abetted by her cute dog, Octavian. In this episode she faces an onslaught of monsters…

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