Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Invitation to a Wedding

Three Way Prep

At Hair Work

Whose New Shoes?

The Two Young ‘Uns

Griff Is Ready

Griff With Auntie

Smart Griffy!

Bowtie Griff

Geometric Griff

Bride Bouquet

More Shampoo?

In “Prep” Mode



Cushion Ready

Natanya Arrives at the Cathedral

James & Natanya at Cathedral



The Entrance

Do Please Sit…

Are We All Here?

Open Wide

Let Us Pray

Dearly Beloved

Griff Concentrates on the Words

Do You Take?

Social Distanced

James’s Wing-man Ring-Man

Cushy Job

The Lord of the Ring

Say These Words

Clap Please

You are about to become Man, Baby and Wife

You May Kiss the Bride

The Baby May Touch the Rose

Please Sign Here

The Registrar

Bride Signs below Signing Bride

Where Are The Witnesses?

Just Do Your Mark Here…


The “Hello” Front Cover Pic

The “Hello” Double-Page Feature Spread

You May Now Breath

Witnesses, Please Smile. Please Use Your Eyes Only

Why Does Auntie Have Bees on Her Face?

The “Queen for a Day” is Satisfied

“Please Get Out Now!”

Please Clap in a Socially Distanced Manner

Griffy Can Clap Too!

Secret Kiss

According To This Marriage Licence You Have To Do As You Are Told …

Here They Come…

Watch Your Step, Natanya

Yes, We Smashed-It in There! Whoop-whoop!

Confetti bombed


Griffy, You May Bow to the Crowd Like Daddy Demonstrates

The “Alders”

The Caldwells

The Line-Up

The London Welsh

The Harbour

Harbor Smiles

The Captain’s Houses



Nick Is Here

Three Weddings, Three Fingers

Cake of Cakes

The Cake Knifing

Cut Yourself the Largest Slice

Hooray for the Cake!

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