Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

A gypsy soul needs to be free and feel the breeze …

How to awaken your gypsy nature

Dance to your own hand claps…

A gypsy soul knows that life is not just about collecting points and grabbing belongings. Life is not about the ownership of material things. No, life is about wholeness and mindfulness. Life is about loving-kindness and transcending beyond a human body to move into the light. Life is about becoming the best spiritual being you can be…

But how do you do this when you are trapped within four walls, maybe for days, with an outside world that tries to manipulate your heart and with infiltrating weasels that sneak in (via the media and internet) to try to bring you down?

The answer is to be inspired by the ideas, attitudes and experiences that you find within yourself. Don’t try to prove things to anyone else — prove things to yourself.

Validate yourself in your own heart! And be unpredictable: Learn new skills, find enthusiasm in daily tasks, dance to your own hand claps (and dance frequently). And look for magic in ordinary things.

Above all: radiate sunbeams and good auras for your own good


* Never follow the leader
* Never jump on a bandwagon
* Question what you hear
* Remember you are unique
* Embrace fairy tales and miracles
* Find new ways to do old things
* Channel angry energy into creativity
* Channel frustration into music, poetry, and art
* Be the boss of your own thoughts
* Be the treasurer of your own ambitions
* Have faith in your intuition, it is almost always correct

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Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

The English novelist Neil Mach has gained widespread recognition for the creation of strong female characters and for compelling stories that often revolve around the themes of loyalty and duty.

His character MOONDOG is a Romani detective. He is called-in when other investigators hesitate. The detective inquires into things that lay “beyond normal human experience” where things hang in the balance between mundane and miraculous.

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