Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

Off Her Onion

Off Her Onion

I am currently working on my short novel titled “Postcard Angel” — set in 1917 — about an innocent girl who gets caught up in “Naughty Postcard Modeling” and becomes the world’s first Pin-up.

I came across some relevant period words which still have a place today.

See if you can use one of these in conversation:

Bootlicker slang noun, Brown-noser, butt-licker
Fimble-Famble noun, Lame excuse
Graft noun, verb, Hard work, to work hard
Hook itverb, To escape or run away
Munge verb phrase, To make a mess of things
Off his/her onionadjective, Eccentric, out there or just plain crazy
Skimble–skambleadjective Demented, confused

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