Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

On May 2nd UK rock band Lincoln’s (UK) melodic alt-rock band “Lock Up Laura” will be releasing their highly anticipated 2nd album titled “Masquerade”.

Lock Up Laura
were recently announced for the main stage at SOS Festival Saturday 18th July.

Lock Up Laura  - self-controlled yet melodic sounds...

Lock Up Laura – self-controlled yet melodic sounds…

We had a listen to the new album:

The Jury’s Out’ will be the first single from Masquerade.

It is a dark beast. With fire in its belly.

Lee’s vocals are tall and strong — they display an outer manliness that barely conceals the rage felt beneath the surface.

Around this voice, bearded guitars hang-loose and ferment passionately.

And, at about the 2 minute mark they pad into view like irritated lions… moving in to take over the water-hole.

Broken Man’ has narrow gorges of painfully dark guitar running through it.

The regular thud of the beat will help to propel this number into the mosh-pit— but it’s that creative and supremely melodic chorus that actually entices you closer.

There is also plenty of startling beauty on this album.

Alone With You’ has sparkling finger-picked guitar and a passionate vocal that fuses the enduring pain of longing with the salvation of hope.

After a short while a tribal thump begins to accelerate the song forwards… Then things break wide open.

The anxiety of false-hope is made clear and the vibrancy will take your breath away. This is a quality closer.

Sturdy alt-rock with an angry underbrush of strong, self-controlled yet melodic sounds and a mature vocal that radiates confidence and unquestionable authority.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


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