Neil Mach

Author – Fantasy Realism

HARD ROCK HELL 2013 has been labelled … “Cirque Du Rock” …… a Rock ‘n’ Roll circus extravaganza of grotesquely monumetal proportions. Full of twisted darkened moments and unrivalled camaraderie – and laced with the kind of pure adrenalin pumping high-octane rock ‘n’ roll you didn’t think was still achievable. This is a festival created by a circle of people who continue to know how to do it. And do it well.

Aussie Rockers Airbourne and Tracer are set to join fellow countrymen Electric Mary for an all out Antipodean attack on our Homeland (Well, the principality of Wales, to be exact.) But fear not, because we have found five new tantalising treats from Europe’s darkest underbellies to tempt your tender tinnitus-sizzled ear-holes – and to get your snake-oiled boots a-groovin’. 2013 appears to be one of the best HRH bills yet.

Cage The Gods1: Cage The Gods

Cage The Gods are a sensational new British rock band that fuse together rock ‘n’ roll culture from the four corners of the UK in a thunderously blues-inspired fashion, laced with soaring Celtic rock vocals, all of which creates something powerful, something unerringly familiar yet instantly gripping.

They spent most of 2012 writing, producing, recording and mixing their debut album titled “Favourite Sin” due for release at the end of 2013. Not content with just making a great record they then mastered it, designed the sleeve, manufactured a limited edition fan version and proceeded to set about procuring management and live agents without a second thought.

Check out the consecrated blues number ‘Sacrifice’. With those patiently sanctified vocals that utter mucous-splattered musings before they pile on a bundle of junk-yard chords – that come screaming in at you like some kind of divine blessing.

When the verse lurches in, increasing your blood pressure and knocking the cuban heels off of your stingrays… you know you are witnessing something completely majestic. Something agreeably rock – but full of guts-and-blues unholy glory too. It’s like Bad Company has been mixed with Boston. And it all comes at you like a blood thirsty colocolo with revenge on it’s mind. Mercy me!

When: Saturday

Where: Hard Rock Hell


Alunah2: Alunah

Birmingham based ALUNAH is a psyche/stoner/doom band which unleashes an incredible paganistic sound characterized by thick guitars, a punishing rhythm section, and earthy and hypnotic vocal melodies. Sometimes groovy, oppressive, or downright grimy depending on what the situation calls for, the songs are dark and slow without being downers !

Try ‘White Hoarhound’ for a thick slice of eagle feathers and tar pit. Black vaporizing guitars bubble up like methane seepages. And the moonshine clarity of the vocal from Soph crystalizes your fancies and lifts you from doom-filled decay. But not for long

When: Friday

Where: Hard Rock Hell


Wildside RIOT3: Wildside RIOT

Rocky Shades’ Wildside RIOT is said to be the fastest growing Dirt-Trash Sleaze band in the UK. Rocky leads the “Riot” with his renowned louder than life character and his ‘bringing the party to you’ stage charisma! With him in the Riot is Joss & Jimmy on guitars, Gaz on drums and JC on bass.

The Wildside Riot official video (the name is the song) is a thicket of enamelled percussive sounds and ear-blistering riffs that will take the paper off your wall and get your spine steaming! The simple rock ‘n’ roll verse is magnificent in its uncomplicated joyfulness. Then those guitars snake in, and entwine you. And you will feel totally poisoned by all the gas, But, boy, it’s worth it.

When: Friday

Where: Hard Rock Hell


Grifter4: Grifter

Formed in 2003 Grifter have been tearing up the asphalt round Britain and playing kick ass gig all over this sceptered isle.

Braggards Boast’ has got that slimy eel-like guitar slithering all over it, and a sledge-hammering beat that will do permanent damage to your brain tissue. If you let it. Yes, this band will cause visual loss and make your jaws drop off.

Listening to this song is a like having your girlfriend smash a pick axe handle into your dough-balls.

When: Friday

Where: Hard Rock Hell


Gold5: Gold

Rotterdam’s GOLD have been confirmed to play their debut UK show at HRH. The band was formed in 2011 by singer Milena Eva and guitarist Thomas Sciarone (ex-The Devil’s Blood) as a means to express, not to impress. Long time friend Igor Wouters grooves things up from his drum stool and new kid on the block Nick Polak adds his virtuosity and sense of harmony.

Their debut album “Interbellum” is out now.

Love, the magician” reminds us of Uriah Heep (during their Demons and Wizards days) but the sound also has a lot of the hot sinfulness and blues-rock hardness you might associate with Saint Jude. In other words, they are unabashed 60’s and 70’s rock-junkies with some modern takes on the concept. (Ooh! And they’ve got a sultry video too!) Take a peek.


For more details and tickets go to or call 0203 287 6684

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